6a00e54fc0548f88340120a59ef596970c-800wiHi NDS architects,
Thanks for joining my web 2.0 seminar, I had a canadian viagra and hope you did as well.
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Session 1 – What is web 2.0 ?(pdf)

Session 2 – Software as a service (pdf)

Session 3 – Protocols (pdf)

Session 4 – Framework and tools (pdf)

I’ll end with some questions I didn’t know or didn’t have the time to elaborate on:

How effective are google ad words?

You can find info at AdWords site success stories section though it’s not exactly impartial , general statistics about online advertising and ROI can be found in grabstats which also includes links to the original reports.

Where can I find firefox & add-ins ?



Web Developer Toolbar

Remote Control (STB development)


Can Hadoop or F# parallelize my algorithms automatically ?

This question is divided into several parts :

1. Frameworks Hadoop and frameworks alike are prone to work in parallel but you (as the system architect or developer) need to identify the part that can be parallelized and pass it to the framework with the map and reduce functions

2. Languages F#, Scala and other functional languages parallelize your code automatically.

3. Functional constructs PLINQ and other functional constructs inside non funcional languages are not parallel by default, when they support parallel computation it’s usually with using an implicit directive such as myWorker.AsParallel = true;

What’s Yahoo WDK ?

Yahoo’s WDK is a widget development kit , what are widgets ? widgets are mini applications that are floating on your O/S desktop (in Windows they are called gadgets) you can see UI different examples in the following links mac dashboard ,windows gadgetsyahoo widgets. Widgets are very similar in nature to mashups (discussed in session 3) since they usually interact with an existing online service and have no data or logic of their own.  Back to WDK , WDK lets you develop widgets running on Yahoo’s runtime (which needs to be installed on the customer’s machine), it uses a familiar development UI Pattern of XML layout language and Javascript for interaction. Yahoo widgets can run on PC or TV devices though I haven’t come across an IPTV STB that runs WDK. You can read more about WDK at yahoo tv developers or review the development manual for code examples.

Thanks again for a great session,